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Kernel Panic TS201 VDSP50_8

Question asked by leevv on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by SFernandez

Hi All,


I'm having a problem with the design on TS201, VDSP50 update 8.

Symptoms are similar to the descibed in


I have kernel panic with error kAPIUsedfromISR, value 0x0.

Attached are screenshots for couple of cases.


This happens after a succesfull run of the system arround 3-4 hours.


In system we are using Linkport with packets comming in and out.

In between there are some processing.

Linkport driver is used as per example from ADI for the TS201.

Also we have a periodic timer interrupts.

So total we have 3 types of interrupts: timer, linkport in and out.


I've checked surrounding fpga subsystems attached to linkport with logic analysers and

fpga debuggers and didn't find anything wrong when issue happens, so problem have to be inside DSP.


Can somebody tell me what possible steps I can do for further debugging?


Thank you.