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ad9910's SDO haven't output

Question asked by ludong on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by ludong

I use ad9910 , can generate the sin wave and the freq is correct.Now ,I use the 3-wire serial and want to the register for the adress (eg 0x00,0x02),but the SDO is low always.My step is



   2)write data 32'h0000_0002  to  the address 0x00 ( via SDIO)                 (seelct 3-wire )

   3)write data 32'h1700_c400 to  the address 0x02  (via SDIO)

   4)write data 64'h08b5_0000_2000_0011 to  the address 0x0E (via SDIO)


   6) I/O_UPDATE(0->1->0)



2)write the address 0x82 (for the address 0x02) to SDIO

3) read the SDO to buffer[32]


 the buffer[32]  is 32'h0000_0000, But the out wave is sin wave(12.5M) and is correct. 


who can tell my error ,Thank you every much!