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Rebuilding an HDL reference design and getting the SD card image - fmcadc2 and ZC706

Question asked by jcdmelo on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2016 by jcdmelo

Hi there,


We are rebuilding the HDL reference design of an fmcadc2 board connected to a ZC706 evaluation kit. We are adding our own logic to it, we got the bit stream and exported it to the SDK. Since this is the first time we do it, we got stuck on how to replace the current/original bit stream with this new one, so that the SD image will boot with our code.


We can go through AD/Xilinx docs to figure it out, like suggested in the attached figure from a Xilinx wiki page (we can certainly follow it if there is no alternative) but we were wondering if someone has gone through the same task, and could suggest an easier/faster way to do it.



Julio de Melo