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any suggestions for SigmaStudio on Win 7 32 via Vmware Fusion for Mac

Question asked by JayJ on Aug 24, 2016
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Trying to program the adau1701 using the USBi interface with SigmaStudio v3.12 on a virtualized install of Win 7 32 bit running on a new iMac using Vmware Fusion for Mac.  Sigmastudio at first recognizes the plugged in USBi v1.2 and displays the green bar and green header on the Sigmastudio hardware configuration screen.  Can also bring up the Read/Write register window for IC1 (adau1701) and do simple one byte reads and writes viewing with the capture output window.


But when attempting to compile/link/download a very simple dc source --> dsb read test program, I receive the USB comms failed message,  Resetting USB interface does not appear to do anything after several minutes.  Comms restored by unplugging / plugging in USBi but receive the same comms failed message when attempting to compile/link/download.  USB port is set as USB 2.0 compatibility in Vmware Fusion.  In Win 7 the Cypress drivers installed by SigmaStudio appear as loaded with the device is working properly message in Device Manager.  Have uninstalled/reinstalled cypress drivers with no effect.


Other things/items tried without success;

second USBi v1.3


Sigmastudio v3.13 beta

USB compatibility set to USB 3.0 in vmware

USB 2.0 hub

Parallels Desktop for Mac


upgrade to Win 10 32 bit


All devices do work as expected on an older Win XP machine and also on standalone Win 7 machine.  Was trying to unify development system to new iMac.


Any & all suggestions greatly appreciated, thank you for reading...