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ADV7850 capabilities & limitations for Multi protocol to HDMI AV with OSD/Overlay

Question asked by AlokPugalia on Aug 24, 2016
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    We are working on a product that is a multi video protocol to HDMI converter with OSD/overlay generated by R-Pi and have shortlisted ADV7850 as a potential IC. We have queries regarding its functions & capabilities and did not find enough details in the data-sheet. We are hoping that this is the right forum for it.

    Below is the architecture we are thinking.

Below is the gist of the queries.

ADV7850 related

  1. Is it compatible with the type of inputs mentioned in the slides ?
  2. How can it be used to control the various effects (mentioned in the slides) on the HDMI video out ?
  3. How can we produce overlay/OSD effects from Raspberry Pi Composite/HDMI output ?
    1. What is the role of fastblank control ?
  4. Do you have a demo video showing the capabilities of this chip ?
  5. What are the limitations we need to be aware of ?
  6. What are the prerequisites (if any) for using this chip ?

ADV7850 Eval Kit related

  1. How can we evaluate this chip with the Eval Kit – UG420 ?
  2. What all features can we test with this kit ?
  3. What are the prerequisites of using this kit ?


Also PFA the slides which will give a background of what we want along with all the details.


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