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ADA4530    Gain

Question asked by on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by ScottH

I'm estimating the Avo gain I need from the ADA4530, looking at the large signal gains in the spec sheet – we’re operating at DC, no frequency falloff to consider.  The gains are:          

5V test…  120 dB MIN     143  dB TYP      

10V test… 125  dB MIN     150  dB TYP      

15V test… 130 dB  MIN     155  dB TYP

 …and extrapolating to the 17V maximum supply,    

17V estimated… ~132dB MIN    ~157 dB TYP  


The feedback resistor on the Evaluation Board is 10G ohm, which I calculate as 200 dB gain.  Unless there is a MAX gain that is cherry picked for the Evaluation Boards, I may be determining gain from the wrong parameter or test.