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Design of a Two-Electrode ECG with ADAS1000

Question asked by piavitadesign on Aug 24, 2016
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I am designing a two electrode small ECG device for animals. While doing it in a conventional way, i.e designing the whole processing chain - pre-amp, filter etc, I've stumbled upon this chip which transforms an "ECG Circuit" into an "ECG Chip", which obviously is a convenient thing! However, from the datasheets I've understood that I can only measure properly signals with at least 3 conventional Leads, plus there are big problems if the RLD is not used. Therefore, my question is:


Is it possible to design a 2 electrode ECG of a size of a cellphone casing with ADAS1000, similar to that product - Or was that chip made only for the use on humans with the conventional methods/electrode positioning?



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