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ADV7511 Bringup problem

Question asked by Erfan on Aug 10, 2011
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I am presently using ADV7511 HDMI Transmitter in my design that is interfaced to FPGA. I am trying a drive a 1080P-60 mode pattern generator (RGB bars). The pixel clock used is 138.5MHz. But at the output TMDS clock of the HDMI transmitter is somewhere between 205 to 210MHz which should have been 138.5MHz same as the input clock. Please help me to find why this coming in this way. Below I have listed the register values that is programmed in ADV7511.



WRITEREG (address, data)
WRITEREG (0x41,    0x10),
WRITEREG (0x98,    0x03),
WRITEREG (0x9A,    0xE0),
WRITEREG (0x9C,    0x30),
WRITEREG (0x9D,    0x61),
WRITEREG (0xA2,    0xA4),
WRITEREG (0xA3,    0xA4),
WRITEREG (0xE0,    0xD0),
WRITEREG (0xF9,    0x00),
WRITEREG (0x15,    0x10),
WRITEREG (0x16,    0x24),
WRITEREG (0x17,    0x03),
WRITEREG (0x18,    0x06),
WRITEREG (0xAF,    0x06),
WRITEREG (0x40,    0x80),
WRITEREG (0x4C,    0x06),
WRITEREG (0xD0,    0x32),
WRITEREG (0x35,    0x2F),
WRITEREG (0x36,    0xE9),
WRITEREG (0x37,    0x0F),
WRITEREG (0x38,    0x00),
WRITEREG (0x39,    0x43),
WRITEREG (0x3A,    0x80),
WRITEREG (0x4B,    0x80),


Thanks in advance.