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video decoder clarification

Question asked by SaiJagini on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by GuenterL

Following clarifications is required wrt ADV7181D,ADV7842 and ADV7611.


1.  Can DVI (08 wire i/f) can be integrated directly to ADV7181D as on one pin there is option of DVI Tx connections.
2.  Can you provide any reference design of connection of ADV7181 D to BF609 Processor as even in BF609 Kit they have used

ADV7842 as Decoder Interface.


1. How may RGsB (SOG,Sync on Green) channels can be integrated after Diffrential to Single ended conversion (Using AD8145)
on ADV7842.
2. Can DVI be integrated directly to ADV7842?

1. How to integrate and any refrence design for connection of this to BF609.

Actually we are trying to build a custom board with 03 RGsB input (Differential) and 01 Y/ input (Diffrential) and 01 DVI input video signals.
You may also suggest and Decoder design which might be able to meet these input requirements (may be 02 chips can be used for accommodating these quantity of channels). These are planned/will be integarted with BF609.