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AD5933 impedance variation as frequency changes

Question asked by daniel.ishara on Aug 23, 2016
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I'm using AD5933 to study the impedance variation in a frequency range. And I'm controling it via Arduino Uno.


The problem is that the chip data is showing a variation in the impedance even when I'm using only a resistor.

For exemple, first, for the calibration, I measured the impedance of a 10k resistor in 2 frequencies, and the results were:


Freq = 100Hz 

real[0] = -17450
imag[0] = 8336
magnitude[0] = 19338


Freq = 10kHz
real[1] = -1144
imag[1] = 9680
magnitude[1] = 9747


The diference between them were too significant, and when I took a closer look I noticed that there was a leap in the value, meaning that the Impedance x Frequency function was not continuous. (It would keep it's magnitude value around 20000 for the first few frequencies and then jump to arround 10000, changing dramatically).

(OBS: those are non calibrated data, because they were the ones I intended to use to perform a 2 point calibration)


As I noticed that the leap occour around 1kHz I tried not to use frequencies less then 1kHz, and though it worked for the calibration (while using a 10k resistor), when I changed to a supposedly unknown impedace (a 10M(ohms) resistor) the resistance measured would start with a value of 850k and descend to 285k as the frequency increased (this time the variation was almost linear).


I will leave attached the table with the data related to this last measurement I've made.


All the measurments were made with a 10k feedback resistor.

PGA gain = x1

Vout = 2V p-p (but I was working with a power supply of 5V which should make Vout = 3 V p-p)

Clock speed = 16Mhz (internal clock)

And I'm connecting the AD5933 in the simplest way possible, not using any other components besides the arduino and the resistors.


To summarize, my problems are:

1) I don't know why the impedance values are changing, as I change the frequency since I'm only working with resistors.


2) Why when I'm taking measurements at a small frequency the value is so different? Could it be that I'm working out of the linear region? (If so how should I set the feedback resistor, as it depends on the value of the unknown impedance)


Thank you,