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adau1701 boot from arduino

Question asked by tiagoampese on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by tiagoampese

Dear friends


I'm in trouble and would like your help to solve it.


I developed a hardware with adau1701 and it works perfectly using the SigmaStudio and USBI interface both SelfBoot mode using external EEPROM as in direct mode.


The problem is that I need to control this hardware with a microcontroller without the use of USBI, I need the boot adau1701 by the microcontroller without eeprom and SelfBoot mode.


I'm using Arduino as a platform for this, the question is how do I save the program created in SigmaStudio within the arduino and then so you can transfer via i2c to adau1701 hardware.

Thank you and sorry for any spelling errors.



Best Regards!!