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Cypress FX2LP Firmware for HSC-ADC-EVALCZ

Question asked by MtheK on Aug 10, 2011
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as our application is going to use a setup similar to the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board (ADC -> FPGA -> Cypress USB Controller -> PC), we startet the prototyping with the development board.


First we need to extend the FPGA design a little bit which is not a problem because the verilog-source is available


Second, we want to extend the USB controller firmware but unfortunately I was neither able to find the source-code of the CY7C68013A firmware, nor any documentation of the USB protocol or how I can use the eval board for own application.



So I'm kindly asking if you can provide the FX2LP firmware as a  starting point for own applications.


Tanks for any help!


Martin K.