Programming the ADS7-V2 EBZ with MATLAB

Discussion created by pikafu on Aug 22, 2016
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I have a problem programming the AD7-V2 board with MATLAB. My goal is to automate tone generation from the AD9162 through the AD7-V2. Specifically, the demo script I am using appears to be outdated. There are a number of string changes and variable tweaks I had to make to the GetAds7.m and AD9162.m scripts to get them somewhat working, but I am stuck now. There are a bunch of methods that do not appear to be accessible. For example:

% Set the FMC LA signal mapping
jesd204Core.Tx.SetSignalLAPort('SYNC0', 1);

where jesd204Core is an instance of dpg_interface.AttachedDevices.JESD204.


Tx is not a field of the ADS7 IHardware device, and SetSignalLAPort is not a method. I checked the programming reference which was also not helpful. There are some fields that have the right name but have moved to a different class. For instance, jesd204Core.Tx.M has been moved to the JESD204 Framer class.


At this point, the only thing I can think of to try is downloading an older version of the DPGDownloader which appears in the readme.txt with the MATLAB code I am using. Is there an updated script I can use, or am I just using the wrong code?


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