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ADRF6806 Reference Ocillator Questions

Question asked by danngai on Aug 22, 2016
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I am planning on using the ADRF6806.   With respect to the REFIN oscillator input, I have some questions:

Data sheet specificies a 1Vpp nominal reference oscillator input.


1. For the ADRF6806 - Clipped sinewave vs pure sinewave oscillator input, and the are there any implications   
    when used for VHF voice communications?   Which type would provide the best performance?
2.  What is the expected RFIN (pin 6) input requirements for DC offset (500mV, 1V?).
3.  Is there a performance degradation if we drive it with a 0.8vpp clipped sinewave?

4.  The TCXO spec is attached.  Does ADI recommend a TCXO in this case?


Thank you!