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Question asked by Iean on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by SteveH

1, the linear correlation demodulation and demodulation eliminates the need for a preamble length differences, have any impact on the rest of the parameters?
2, encountered in the use of the following circumstances:
TCXO - 19.2MHz, PFD = 9.6MHz
Modulation GFSK, correlation demodulation, 150kbps, the transmitter frequency offset 18.75kHz, use 18.75kHz receiver can not receive, use 25kHz modulation frequency deviation calculated K values and configuration R6_DB14 R6_DB29 transmitter can receive data;
GFSK, linear demodulation, 150kbps, the receiver uses a 25kHz frequency deviation calculated K values and configuration R6_DB14 R6_DB29, use 18.75kHz transmitter modulation frequency offset, the receiver can not receive data; a transmitter modulation frequency deviation is required 37.5MHz The receiver can receive data;
Will the above case, if there is a problem where the parameters?
3, if I want to configure the communication speed of 200kbps, currently using 19.2MHz, PFD = 9.6MHz can not be achieved, whether crystals are required, the use of 12.8MHz, PFD = 6.4MHz can be achieved?
Look forward to your answer, thank you!