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general question about ADV7611 setup

Question asked by S.Griebsch on Aug 19, 2016
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after reading the UG-180 again and again I'm a little confused.

The reference manual says, that PRIM_MODE, VID_STD and V_FREQ are the most important registers when configuring the device. So far so good.

But it also tells me, that these registers are only useful if the free-run mode is used. Let's say I would use the free run option. In that case I setup the video format and frequency the device is using as output if no video is detected.

But I don't want to use the free run mode. So I'm turning it of by unsetting the HDMI_FRUN_MODE bit.

This should disable the free run feature at all. Am I right on that?

Now the UG-180 says that in this case it is recommended to set PRIM_MODE to 0x06 and VID_STD to 0x02.

I'm not sure why VID_STD has it's value, but I do not understand why I put the device into HDMI graphics mode even thought I'm expecting a component video. The second thing I did not found in the manual is which value do I need to write to V_FREQ. Do I have to concern about it at all?


Let's say I've setup PRIM_MODE and VID_STD as recommended. The HDMI front end receives a video signal and all the measurements are done by the ADV7611. I can read the correct line width, height and frequency. How does the ADV7611 know what video format currently is present? Is this all done automatically? Or do I need to do some setups each time the source format changes? Which one would that be?