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what is tmk_SwitchContext_Runtime trying to access that causes exception 0x24?

Question asked by vivian on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Kader.M

On the BF561, consistently getting a DAG0 Misaligned Access exception (0x24) within tmk_SwitchContext_Runtime (VDK code) after a TMK_Block caused by VDK::PendSemaphore(sem,0).What could cause this kind of exception within tmk_SwitchContext Runtime code?

The assembler code is:

Addr                      Code

0x 105c7b8          [--sp] = (r7:4,p5:3);          beginning of tmk_SwitchContext_Runtime()

0x 105c7ba          [--sp] = fp

0x 105c7bc          [--sp] = RETS

0x 105c7be          p4 = R0

0x 105c7c0           p5 = r1

0x 105c7c2           r2 =2

0x 105c7c4           r3 = 0

0x 105c7c6           [p4 = 0x10] = sp

0x 105c7c8           B [p4 + 14 ] = r2

0x 105c7cc           p0 = [p5 + 0x10];

0x 105c7ce          p0 = [p0];


RETX is always 0x 105c7ce. What is the data structure that p0 is trying to access?