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ADXL375: very high noise in data

Question asked by npete on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by Anthony.DeSimone


i am struggling with the adxl375 and the output data. Reading all axes with an output rate of 200 Hz gives me following plot:

The signals are in [g], the first two and the last 4 spikes were generated by tapping on the sensor, the signals in the middle were generated by moving the sensor.

My problem now is, that the noise of all data is very high (+-5g). It is not possible to see the 1g gravity signal on the z axis if the sensor is not moving. According to the data sheet the nosise should be in range of ~70mg (5mg/sqrt(Hz)) and the sensitivity should be arround ~20 LSB/g.

In this case I cant reach this values.

Is there any reason for it or do i make any mistakes?