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regarding setting of fast agc in fmcomms2 board at low power levels

Question asked by rahulram on Aug 18, 2016


     i am using zc706 board along with fmcomms2 board and running it on no os driver .i have modified the reference design provided and using it for wifi application . i have a few questions regarding the working of fast agc mode . i use my application to transmit and receive ofdm signal over the air. now i am able to do this when my signal power is in the required range but above a certain point when i receive a low power signal the fast agc mode is not able to increase the level of my received signal as i have seen it in oscilloscope but the same signal appears in manual and slow agc modes if the gain is set to maximum(77) which the fast agc mode is unable to do,can anyone suggest me any methods to improve on this also as i have seen in fast agc there is always a peak at the start of any frame that i sent which is not the case when i see it in manual mode any information regarding this will be helpful,thanks