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moving a project

Question asked by amf on Aug 17, 2016
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   Can you explain how to copy and move an example project and get it to compile?


I've been working with the eval board and a project in the examples directory.  The SDK 2.4.0 installer puts the examples folder here:


C:/Analog Devices/ADuCM350BBCZ/Eval-ADUCM350BZ/examples


For any given example folder, say, SPItoFTDI, inside that SPItoFTDI folder there will be some files and a subdirectory called iar.  Each iar directory has project files (i.e. files with extensions such as .dep, .ewd, .ewp, .ewt and .eww).  When I run IAR Embedded Workbench and open that .eww workspace file, I'll see that the SPItoFTDI project has a number of driver source files associated with it (e.g. dma.c, gpio.c, spi.c, uart.c, wdt.c, etc.)  Also, in that IAR workspace, if I look at the Project Options -> C/C++ Compiler preprocessor tab, I see that this project lists additional include directories:







Now, I'd like to move my copy of this directory out of that example folder and work on it in another location (where I can set up a repository for version control, not have to worry about my folder with my extensions to your example getting overwritten when I install the next SDK, etc.)


Can you explain what I need to change in the project so that when I move it out of the examples directory, I can still get it to compile?  For instance, the build process can't find dma.c, nor the other Driver Source files that are in the project.


Thank you.