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AD9364 Rx gain control with split table

Question asked by Olegis on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by sripad



We are trying to improve the AD9364 receiver immunity to blockers/interferers, so we are doing some benchmark of full vs split table performance. However, we are a bit confused about the split table operation (we use Fast AGC in TDD mode). 


From the documentation, the LMT gain is decreased first, until it reaches LMT limit+1. Then the LPF decreases and after it reaches index 0, the LMT gain continues to decrease until it reaches 0.



Since there is no table for LPF gain, is it correct to assume that the LPF maximum index is always 24 ? Or is this maximum index configurable ? 


The same goes for the digital gain - how exactly is it controlled ? Our BBP requires a certain level of the digital samples and sometimes the analog gain is not enough (especially at lower signal levels), so some amount of digital gain is required. 


Your help will be greatly appreciated.