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ADSP-BF527 sporadic USB problems

Question asked by on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by nsnreddym

We use ADSP-BF527 as a data buffer and protocol converter between a data collection system and USB.

It is connected in peripheral mode.

It is transferring a stream of data as blocks of 512 byte data with 4 or five blocks every 0.5 milliseconds.

It uses endpoint 7 for this purpose.

The software is a simple polling loop (no DMA, no interrups at all).

The polling:

   reads USB_TXCSR,

   if (USB_TXPKTRDY==0)


       fills the FIFO 




This has been working for some years, but it does not work with all PC's. It gives sporadic loss of data on some PC's (hours of interval). It has become more and more difficult to find PC brands that work reliably with the equipment, and our production are now screaming for having a new PC brand validated for use.


Do you have any suggestions for what to look for? (Hardware, USB2 / USB3, double buffer for endpoint, ...)


Sven Jorgensen