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Routing MIC and I2S input in adau1761

Question asked by vidhya on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by larsc

Hi all,

I have integrated adau1761 eval board with the BeagleBone Black. I can play audio signals through I2S input in the eval board. 

I need to perform Active Noise Cancellation on the audio signal. So I created a design in sigmaDSP tool. Using sigmaDSP firmware utility created an adau1761.bin file and loaded into the BeagleBone Black.


This design is working if I give two mono inputs through I2S. Now I want to give one mono input through I2S and another mono input through MIC analog Input. So I changed the design in the sigmaDSP tool to route one analog and one digital input as shown below and also enabled the MICBIAS in the tool.

Now after firmware loading, it is not taking MIC input. Signal from the MIC is not detected. 

Is this routing possible? Do I need to make any other configuration?

Please find my project attached.


Thanks and regards,