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Problems with Blimp Event-Handlers

Question asked by Russi on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Russi

Hi all,


I have some problems with the 'event' handlers of Blimp 3.9SP2 and my OSD....

I created a Demo-OSD project for you to show what I mean...


The attached project have a startup page with animation like the NEW_AVR_DEMO...

but, oppose to the NEW_AVR_DEMO project code does not leave the startup page by keypress and event handler.


It looks like as it has no focus, but for testing I added a Listbox to startup page (with event-handlers) and see the Listbox can control the items of it, but it will not run into the event handlers (neither HighlightedItemChanged, SelectedItemChanged nor RemoteKeyPress) of the defined Listbox.

The Listbox was only for testing the response for key input is OK or not. As Listbox test is OK, but no handler called.

So I removed it again. The attached project is without this Listbox.


Please have a look into the project and help me to find my mistake to get fully working event-handlers.


BTW, which event handlers are normally called on a start-page defined by Blimp's "set as starting page" ???

In the Demo project for startup page it seems that only the InitLoad and Load handler are called...

...not the others like OnActivate, VisibleChanged, OnEnable or RemoteKeyPressed.

Blimp Framework User Manual for 3.9Rel section 3.3.1 list some events that not are called in attached project.


Many thanks and best regards.

          Carsten Russ