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Timing with ADV7181A or ADV7611[

Question asked by sdrennan on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by GuenterL

1.     App note “ADV_xxxx_Crystal_AN-1260” discussed ESR and says it suggests a crystal with ESR <=30.  I believe this is because that’s what was characterized in the report. The part we’re using is Epson TSX-3225 and is 40 ohm max.  Please advise if this part is ok to use?

2.      ADV7181C says we can alternatively use 3.3V oscillator.  ADV7611 says we can alternatively use a 1.8V oscillator.  Both parts have VDDIO set to 3.3V.  Why does the ADV7611 spec 1.8V oscillator?  Can we use 3.3V oscillator?  We are looking at consolidating and using 1 oscillator and a clock buffer instead of 3 crystals.  I need to know that the ADV7611 will work with 3.3V oscillator.  Datasheet doesn’t spec a max on its input voltage.  It only specs the minimum input voltage.