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AD9954 Upward Linear Sweep followed by Downward Sweep

Question asked by ELADI on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2011 by Kevin.G

AD9954 - An upward linear sweep is begun whose upper frequency limit is less than the starting frequency of the following downward linear sweep. The new downward linear sweep start and stop frequencies are loaded prior to end of the upward sweep. The PS0 pin is used to change the direction from positive to negative direction, however, during the transition between the two sweeps, the output frequency continues upward for a time, exceeding the initial FTW1, before beginning the downward sweep.


1.) Is there a special method to reverse the direction of the linear sweep, where the two upper frequencies are not identical?


2.) If this is not possible, would another method be available to accomplish this application, without using the RAM and minimizing the data communication with the AD9954?