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How to generate one cycle sin wave, use ad9910?

Question asked by ludong on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by KennyG

we want to get one cycle sin wave use the ad9910,I don't know use whitch of  the RAM Playback Modes (

•Direct switch

• Ramp-up

• Bidirectional ramp

• Continuous bidirectional ramp

• Continuous recirculate


I use the Polar (phase and amplitude) and Ramp-up ,but didn't generated the one cycle sin wave.

my ram data is:





//0xfffc is Amplitude

//(sin(360)*2^16)<<16  is phase

My RAM_SWP_OVER is correct in the Oscilloscope,I don't know what is my error.

who can tell me my error ,thank every much!