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ADE7878A and Raspberry PI capeabilities

Question asked by Eduan on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by dlath

Hi, I am a final year student studying electrical and electronic engineering. I
am busy building a 3 phase power logger but it must be able to measure DC as
well. A typical application would be measuring on both sides of an inverter on
a PV plant. My question is if the ADE78878A is able to measure DC. I would also
like to know if the waveform sampling on the ADE7878A gives the instantaneous
voltage and current of each phase and can it be used to recreate the actual
voltage and current wave-forms as well as calculate things like total harmonic
distortion. I am planning on using a Raspberry PI 3 model B as the controller.
It has 2 I2C channels and only one SPI channel but the documentation states
that the PI can interface with 2 SPI devices simultaneously. Is it possible to
connect 2 ADE7878A chips to the PI and use the i2C for communication and the
SPI port for HSDC (Waveform Sampling) Thank you in advance.