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Having Trouble Bringing Up the ADRV9371-N PCB and eval software

Question asked by kdrerup@vanteon on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by stevereine


We're having troubel getting the eval software to connect to the ZC706 board (with ADRV9371-N eval board installed.


We are following the setup guide titled "AD9370 Quick Start Guide.pdf" which shipped with the Windows-based eval software.


Action 1:

ZC706 was configured as shown in Figure 1 of that guide.  All jumpers and switch states were copied.

ADRV9371-N EVB was installed, and +5 dBm at 30.72 MHz was connected to J401 (Ref Clk In) as described in guide.

Ethernet Cable connected, and windows PC configured for that port, as described in quick start guide.

Original SD card (JULY 2016 rev 1.0) was inserted)

Powered ON ZC706.


Result 1:

ZC706 appears to go through its boot sequence as mentioned in quick start guide.

LEDS L,C,R,0 all on for 10-15 seconds

LEDS then display a walking sequence as described for 10-15 seconds.

Then, all LEDs L,C,R,0 then go all off.


Action 2:

Run the Windows Eval Software, Click "Connect".


Result 2:

Lower Right Hand Progress Bar says "Verifying SD Card...." and ticks along to about 80% progress displayed.

Dialog box pops up and displays "Platform problem: Please reboot Zynq", with OK button.

Click OK Button, and Progress bar goes to 100%, and displays "Please reboot Zynq".

Lower Left Corner of GUI has a red box that still says "Disconnected"


Is it alive?:

From windows command line, I can ping and get a response from the zynq.

The processor is alive, and it seems like it booted the right image, as it's replying on the right IP address.


Can anyone help me narrow down what I'm doing wrong here?


Platform:  Windows 7, x64


Any help is appreciated.