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CTool: Execute failed to CreateProcess

Question asked by DonMilne on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by CraigG

Here is a "gotcha" in the v5 (update 9.1) IDE that I discovered today, so I thought I would document the solution.


All of a sudden I started getting the error message "CTool: Execute failed to CreateProcess (the system cannot find the file specified)" every time I ran a compile or assemble [ perhaps other things as well, but I already had enough to panic about by then! ].  Btw, this error message is not very informative about what path or file it can't find.


The only mention of this error I could find on these forums had to do with linking, when there was additional post build steps in the project: I was compiling, and anyway I didn't have any post-build steps defined.


At first I thought that my VDSP installation had been corrupted, so I restored my drive from an Acronis image (taking VDSP back to 4.5) then I reinstalled v5, then update 9.1 (which I had to download again - 900MB download!).  And the end result?   Error still there!


Eventually I twigged...  I had been down to a colleagues work site recently, and I had copied my Blackfin project folder to use on his PC - he has his own VDSP license, so I'm only talking about copying my own project folder.  When I finished there I copied the project folder off his PC again and eventually restored it back onto mine.


I couldn't find any absolute paths embedded in the <project>.dpj file.  Eventually I discovered that if I deleted the <project>.pcf file that the IDE creates, then that got rid of the error message. Does anybody know what the latter file is for?   In any case, perhaps it should not store absolute paths, if indeed that's what its doing.