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Can't build HDL project for AES-PZSDRCC-FMC-G

Question asked by hahnpv on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by AdrianC

I'm trying to build the HDL project for AES-PZSDRCC-FMC-G (PicoZed SDR with FMC board). I can build all of the requisite library cores listed in the ADI Reference Designs HDL Users' Guide (page 31) but when I go to build /projects/pzsdr/ccfmc/system_project.tcl, I get the error:


# adi_project_create ccfmc_pzsdr

ERROR: [Coretcl 2-106] Specified part could not be found.


Any ideas? I'm using Vivado 2015.2.1 and the HDL-2015_r2 release from github. The only thing I noticed is on page 31 of the HDL users' guide the link to the carrier board is a bad link to /projects/pzsdr/pzsdr which does not exist.