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Question asked by Bastler on Aug 16, 2016
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I have Problem with the SEQERR- Bit in the Status1 Register.

If I connect 3 phases (each 100V) to the device it works fine.

When I disconnect, for example Phase 2, sometimes the SEQERR-Bit is set, sometimes it takes over 100ms until the ADE7880 reacts.

I didn't use the IRQ, but I write a "1" to the status1-Register after I have detected an error.


The bits, consel[1:0] in the ACCMODE Register are "0"


Attached you will find a screenshot,

Pink : High = Read Register of the ADE7880

Blue : Value toggel if the SEQERR bit is set


You see, sometimes it takes 180ms until I get the correct Information.


Can you help me ?