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HMC6300-Wave form of the inputs

Question asked by Raphafa on Aug 15, 2016
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I'm trying to figure out how to make work the HMC6300.


It's written in the datasheet that AM, FM, FSK and MSK modulations can be performed by the HMC6300.

For each of those modulations I would like to know what are the wave forms of the input signals (BB_QN, BB_QP, BB_IM, BB_IP, FM_MQ, FM_PQ, FM_MI, FM_PI ) should be, if for example I'd like to transmit 0xAA.


Also, for what stand does the terms "negative" and "positive" regarding the pin description mentioned above in parenthesis? Is it simply to indicate that the signal is either positive or negative? For example is BB_QN simply the negative version of BB_QP? Are those signals respectively in quadrature with BB_IM and BB_IP? 


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