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SPI Routing / Eprom Multi-DSP ADAU1452

Question asked by freddy071 on Aug 15, 2016
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we want to use 2 (probably 3) ADAU1452 in a multi-DSP design. There are some questions remaining after looking at the forum and also USBi AN:

- Do we for SPI communication connect the SPI Master ports of each ADAU1452 in parallel to the USBi? Of course clatches assigned to the DSPs

- Does each DSP require its own EEprom on its slave ports?


-Or do we connect master SPI (DSP 2)  on slave SPI (DSP1) and EEProm on slave SPI (DSP2)?

- Master clock will be provided by first DSP and routed through the others to keep in sync. Should be ok?


Thanks for your help!