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Problem with automatic input detection with ADV7441A for DVI Input

Question asked by NanjundaM on Aug 13, 2016
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We are using the ADV7441A in our design. The schematics of the same is attached.

The DMS-59 Connector takes both VGA/DVI inputs and are input to the ADV7441A.


The complete system is consisting of ADV7441A,FPGA & ADV7511.

The input (VGA/DVI) from the connector is provided to FPGA (Digital inputs 24bits). The same will be passed to ADV7511 (DVI Output) and is connected DVI monitor.


The DDCA SCL & DDCA SDA signals of ADV7441A are connected for EDID configuration to the DMS-59 connector (to input source in-turn).

The HPD is pulled high by connecting to 3.3V through a resistor on the board.

The DVI input source is given from the PC with HDMI output (using the HDMI to DVI cable).


DVI input is connected to the system and the board is powered on. (The required EDID configuration settings will be done through FPGA to ADV7411A and will be done at the power on)

We are facing problem with detection of input at the 1st instance (As soon as the programming is completed), but if we remove input cable and reconnect we are able to detect the input and same on the output monitor.


We are trying to debug the issue with 1st time detection of DVI input.

Can anyone please help us to debug on the issue.


Note:The VGA interface works fine without any issue.


Thanks & Regards,

Nanjunda M