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ADV7619-7511-EVAL with PC as Input

Question asked by A_Wild on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by GuenterL

Hello everyone,


finally the Evaluation Board with the 7619 and the 7511 arrived, but I have following problem:

I installed everything (AVES + USB-Driver) and used the given script(s).

When connecting the Eval-Board to a UNIX-System (Raspberry Pi EDIT: Only Raspi is working. On Ubuntu it doesn't) I do get an output of a default of 640X480, but I cannot read any EDID-Data at all.


When plugging the Board (Port A) to a Windows System, then nothing happenes.

Is there anything I should be aware of when connecting the Board via HDMI to a PC?


On the schematics I saw that the Jumpers JP1 and JP2 either connect the EEPROM to the HDMI-Port directly or to the Blackfin Processor. Is there a way to store EDID-Data on the 24LCS22A (U6 for Port A), so a OS can recognize it as a sink?


On my final dev-state I want to use solely the ADV7619 to receiver HDMI-Data so a FPGA can check the signal sent. Therefore the Chip need to be recognized as a HDMI-Sink.


EDID #2:

I also used the Pins on J2 and J3 so have a look at the signals on a scope.

It was a surprise when I saw following happening:


When connected to the Raspberry PI with a 640x480 Resolution I had:


VCLK: ~25,2Mhz
HS: 31,5kHz

VS: 60Hz

DE: ~31,5kHz


So far evething was as I expected.

But when I disconnected the source from the Board those readings above were still present.