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AD5683 VREF Decoupling

Question asked by Maddin on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by msamera

Hello !

I am using an external reference for the AD5683. The Datasheet in not clear for the VREF Pin as input.

First of all, the VREF Pin is only marked as output Pin for the LFCSP package and the Pin description is only for the "R" types. In this case it is marked as decouple with 10nF Cap to GND.

Same information for the MSOP package.

Now on page 26 it says "Ensure that the .... have ample supply bypassing of 10uF, in parallel with 0.1uF capacitor"....

Since VREF is used as supply in this case, do i need more than the 10nF capacitor on the input pin VREF?