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HMC346 vs HMC346AMS8G/E and when is the release date

Question asked by DLVAJOE on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by s.ilke

When is the release of the HMC346AMS8G & E. Will this version have a tighter grouping of attenuation and phase vs control voltage. I currently use the hmc346 which is at the end of life, and we need to pre-screen each device for a 6 channel 3x user per channel AGC amplifier. There is a large variation of attenuation. In some cases -1.8v may yield -15dB and from the same lot another device may require 2.1v or greater for the same attenuation. Also from device to device the dB/V or slope can be some what wide. The same problem with the control voltage is the phase . Since the hmc 346 is at an end of life I need a replacement. There are many great features of this device, speed, low phase shift vs attenuation and wide bandwidth as well as the large attenuation range.