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ADXL375 Auto Sleep

Question asked by ejleiss on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by Anthony.DeSimone


I can't get my adxl375 to go into autosleep and come out of sleep mode once I stimulate the baord a little bit.

My register settings are as follows... Could anybody please tell me if I am doing this incorreclty?


uint8_t DATA_FORMAT1[2] = {0x31, 0x0B};

uint8_t THRESH_ACT[2] = {0x24, 0x02};//Threshold set to 0x05 is equivalent to 1.5g's

uint8_t THRESH_INACT[2] = {0x25, 0x20};

uint8_t TIME_INACT[2] = {0x26, 0x0A};//Inactivity time set to 10 seconds
uint8_t ACT_INACT_CTL[2] = {0x27, 0x77};//Set to DC coupled, All axis
uint8_t POWER_CTL[2]  = {0x2D, 0x18};//Link bit and autosleep bit set
uint8_t INT_ENABLE[2] = {0x2E, 0x08};//Interrupt on inActivity event
uint8_t INT_MAP[2] = {0x2F, 0x00};//Set activity interrupt to INT1
uint8_t BW_RATE[2]  = {0x2C, 0x0C};//Set data rate to 400Hz