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How can I generate a sine wave output using the AD9164 evaluation board in configuration #3 (without using the ADS7 board)?

Question asked by jonathanslater on Aug 10, 2016
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I am using the AD9164 board to generate a sine wave output. However, that's exactly what I am not getting when I analyze the output. For reference, I am using the evaluation board in configuration #3 which does not require the ADS7 board.


I have several questions concerning the proper operation of the AD9164 evaluation board. First, if I want to use an external sine wave clock source (connection J31), is J1 removed. Also, what is the acceptable range of amplitude for the external sine wave clock source?


On a related note, do I need to connect a reference clock to J61 for operation in configuration mode 3#?


Last, I have attached an image which may prove useful in understanding my current issues. Please also note that the interruption LED is on during operation.


I appreciate the help.