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AD8309 Low-End Limiter Input, Output Limiter Jitter

Question asked by ErnestHanks on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by ErnestHanks

Hello AD,


I'm using the Limiters exclusively in the AD8309 for their high dynamic range and low phase jitter in my application. I'm using the AD8309 Eval Board.


I've noticed however that at small-signal input (somewhere around ~1-10mV) the Limiter output performance starts to degrade and exhibit significant phase jitter. The Log-Amp RSSI seems to continue to track much lower, however I am not using the RSSI.


The Limiter outputs are completely dead by 100uV.


Is this Limiter phase jitter expected below 1-10mV? Are there any recommendations for how I can eliminate this jitter?