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AD9910 RAM Read/Write

Question asked by dl4mea on Aug 10, 2016
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I try to load the AD9910 RAM but do not succeed. Unfortunately I don't have the eval board at hands (its lost).

I recognized that there is only one address to access the RAM (0x16) and the address counters start and end are as defined in the selected profile.

  1. How do I ensure to get the next write position set to <start_address>? Is it that I need to write a profile register, eventually does it require to swap between two profiles?
  2. What is the sequence I need to do when trying to read-back the contents of the RAM starting from a <start_address> that is defined in a specific profile?
  3. How do I need to drive the I/O_UPDATE pin while writing to RAM? Once each RAM segment update or any other way?

Thanks, Günter