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Question asked by keddy on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by DaveThib


I got one customer who used  ADAU1761 for beamforming mic
array for BT handsfree application in car infotainment system.


However, they faced an intermediate issue as shown below:


Current condition proper normal start up Radio the ADAU1761
initialization was working fine.

If apply a power supply interruption and some time the re-initialization
was not happen to the IC. But the complete code was already loaded by

Is there any special trick to re-init for short time power interruption of this IC? Because there is no Reset pin on this IC.

This IC was only apply POR sequence, if we face such problem in terms of
time, what shall we do to ensure the IC to get reset properly?


I searched the EngineerZone and read the datasheet. There is one portion on the POR
sequence in datasheet page 24. So should I suggest them to add a delay for
about 14ms in the SW by the uC?



Or should I suggest them to add a power up timer block in SigmaStudio to do the delay for
proper initialization?



Kindly please advise and let me know ASAP.



Thanks and best regards,

Keddy Yang