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Possible to provide a new ADUM5401CRWZ part number guarantee minimum VISO

Question asked by Mike_AES on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by bkennedy

We have an application where we are using the ADUM5401CRWZ along with an A/D.  Our front-end requires full +5V out of the ADUM5401CRWZ in order to achieve the desired input range and achieve full scale with the A/D.


Wondering if it is possible to have the ADUM5401CRWZ sorted to provide 5.05V or higher at some nominal current of say 50mA?    Seems like this would make an excellent part number option as it would solve a lot of analog front-end supply voltage issues where one is looking for a full 0-5V input range or +/-2.5V about 2.5V reference.


Otherwise, we will have to put a charge pump or something in order to boost voltages less than 5V to just above 5V and having an alternate ADUM5401CRWZ part number that offers guaranteed output supply voltage of say greater than 5.05V or greater output range will keep our circuits maximally compact.