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ADF 4350 the output frequency does not match the calculated value.

Question asked by Zhgut on Aug 8, 2016
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Good afternoon. According to the technical task I need to create a signal generator tuned to 433.92 MHz for checking the noise immunity of security systems. As a synthesizer with an integrated chip ADF4350 VCO was selected me. Driving its connection corresponds to that given in the description of this chip. After programming the chip was able to obtain a stable signal frequency 356.40 MHz, which is within three minutes is changed to the value 356.24 MHz. As seen from the description of the radio frequency does not match the calculated value. To measure the output frequency used ACECO FC 3002. Output frequency MUXOUT functioning correctly, sending those signals that were specified by the program. The following are numerical data used to calculate the I and the contents of control registers.


INT = 17356.

FRAC = 8.

MOD = 10.

R = 60.

D = 0.

T = 0.

RFdivider = 8.

REFin = 12 MHz.

Fpfd = 0,2.


R0 = 00100001111001100000000001000000;

R1 = 00000000000000001000000001010001;

R2 = 00010000000011110010000001000010;

R3 = 00000000000000010000001010000011;

R4 = 00000000101101100000001010111100;

R5 = 00000000100110000000000000000101;


I would be grateful for your help in solving this problem. Thank you for the answer.