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understanding ADIS16265

Question asked by marky on Aug 8, 2016
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we are interested in ADIS16265 gyro, at first we wanted to buy adxrs453 but then we discovered that is sample rate is too slow for us(500Hz),  i will be very grateful if some one can help me with the next questions:

i saw some explanations about the difference between the ADIS and ADXRS family but i am still a little bit confused.

if found the next answer in the forum:


"In short, ADIS is the enhanced ADXL or ADXRS or ADXL + ADXRS. With ADXL or ADXRS parts, you need to build the signal chain by yourself, eg: sensor + signal conditioning + ADC + Processor, ADIS is a one chip solution. What's more, ADIS did all kinds of calibration based on ADXL/ADXRS parts, such as full temperature calibration, misalignment, cross-axis, non-linearity, voltage sensivity etc. Of course, ADIS has higher price than ADXL or ADXRS parts."


what does it mean "to build the signal chain by yourself"  i see many adxrs gyros that all ready have built in adc and filtering.

regarding calibration: if i will use the ADIS16265 does it means i will not need to do any calibration at all?

i saw the ADIS16265 ADC resolution is 12bit  , if i compare it with adxrs453 (16bit) i get much lower resolution - can you please give a little comparison between the 2 devises.



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