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ADV7513 settings not working with multiple televisions

Question asked by mj1206 on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

I have a custom board which has 2 HDMI interfaces, one of it is via ADV7513 and the other is through on-chip processor HDMI. I am using ADV7513 in embedded sync, YUV 422 IL mode. And below are the setting I use to program it for 1080p60:

Register 0x41 Value 0x10

Register 0x15 Value 0x02 

Register 0x16 Value 0xB5 

Register 0x17 Value 0x06 

Register 0x18 Value 0x46 

Register 0x49 Value 0xA8 

Register 0x55 Value 0x20 

Register 0x96 Value 0x20 

Register 0x98 Value 0x03 

Register 0x99 Value 0x02 

Register 0x9A Value 0xE0 

Register 0x9C Value 0x30 

Register 0x9D Value 0x61 

Register 0xA2 Value 0xA4 

Register 0xA3 Value 0xA4 

Register 0xA5 Value 0x04 

Register 0xAB Value 0x40 

Register 0xAF Value 0x06 

Register 0xBA Value 0x60 

Register 0xD1 Value 0xFF 

Register 0xDE Value 0xD8 

Register 0xE0 Value 0xD0 

Register 0xE4 Value 0x60 

Register 0xF9 Value 0x00 

Register 0x30 Value 0x16 

Register 0x31 Value 0x02 

Register 0x32 Value 0xC0 

Register 0x33 Value 0x10 

Register 0x34 Value 0x05 


With the above settings I am able to see 1080p60 display on some televisions but this does not work on some of the old televisions. My other on-chip HDMI output works with those old TVs as well. This is needed for some customer board and evaluation purpose urgently. Please help me out with the same. Am I missing some settings?