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ADE7878 X-WATT/VAR levels

Question asked by PowerSystems on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by dlath

Hi there,


I have a problem i would like Your response to, thank You.   


Below is seen a screenshot of two measurements I have made.


RegisterRegister value    RMS-current measured by external power meter
AIRMS 28965678.2 A
BIRMS 28953668.2 A
CIRMS 28943858.2 A
AVRMS 1191487221 V
BVRMS 1193684221 V
CVRMS 1189875221 V
AWATT 2147110057 (7F FA 4C A9)
BWATT 2147112506 (7F FA 56 3A)

2147007545 (7F F8 BC 39)

AVAR 6558
BVAR 7218
CVAR 24388


Register   Value                                                      

AIRMS1162   (0.02 A)
BIRMS462 (0.02 A)
CIRMS1842 (0.02 A)
AVRMS1239651 (221 V)
BVRMS1241669 (221 V)
CVRMS1237624 (221 V)


I have set VLEVEL to 1114655


Question 1. Levels of AWATT.

Why do i get such levels of AWATT, BWATT and CWATT in my measurements? I think the AWATT at 132 is right in my second sheet where there is almost no current flowing.. But why are BWATT and CWATT so high?


BVAR toggles between 22.147.493.645 and 18...


I look forward to hear from You.


Kind regards,


Lars Ulrik