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hmc832 is locked but there is no power

Question asked by yair on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by DonY


I have this problem: I use a HMC832 on my PCB and I see that the hmc832 is lock (the LD is high) but there is no power in the out pin. I made this test: I plugged my system to your EVB. All serial data sent to the HMC832 (on your EVB) from my FPGA and I received that the component is locked and there is a power in pin 29 (RF_P). My conclusion is that my system sends a correct information to the hmc832 But when I connect the FGPA to the hmc832 on my PCB I get that the hmc832 is locked but  there is no power in pin 29. the only different from my PCB to your EVB is with the N.C pins. I connect all the N.C pin to GND while in the EVB these pins are connect to many place

Hope you can help me