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AD9956 Outputting a frequency

Question asked by joshua.alper on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by joshua.alper

We are trying to set up the DDS to run off an FPGA, but are having trouble getting a signal. We then used the USB input to attempt to get an output, but have not got one from that either. We input a frequency in the profile window (we've attempted frequencies between 1Hz and 1kHz), and then press LOAD. We then try to read the same register using the profile window's READ button, and it resets the frequency to 0. We went through the setup document, and have configured all the controls according to our specifications. Moreover, when we enter the debug window we see no change in the FTW binary word at the bottom of the page (under Serial I/O). All we get is a blinking red box around [Write Data] under the Serial I/O section. Are we doing something wrong? Is there another way to check if the profile register is receiving the FTW? Thanks in advance!